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                                                                   (A/N) Hello, Darlings! This is probably the fluffiest you will see me write, because it is near IMPOSSIBLE for me to write fluff.. And I know it's not very good and at points seems like it will take a non-fluffy turn, but, I tried. SO enjoy!

                                                                                                  3rd person POV:
   A small and adorable pout graced (Y/N)'s features. Despite the fact it was already February, it was still freezing cold temperatures. Well, it wasn't really, it was just one of many small problems (Y/N) had to face rather commonly. Of course, she DID have the power to warm herself.. But hey, that power along with her others took a lot of energy from her (least, thats what she tells everyone, who can blame her for being a little lazy?).

   So there she lay, curled up on the couch of the Avengers tower, in a perfectly constructed cocoon of blankets. Of course, this wasn't exactly her FAULT she was so cold... Her powers often had strange effects on her.
  Small things, like becoming to hot or cold, accidently starting fires or shooting ice from her hands, burning people when making contact (or giving frostbite or really causing any sort of problem involving the elements or any of her other powers), part of her body randomly going invisible (or vanishing altogether), teleporting at random, and occasionally making random objects vanish or move.

                                                                       Switching view to use 'you' instead of 'her' XD:
   Alright, how small of a deal it was WAS debatable.. But despite how much it annoys everyone, they play it off as if it were no big deal, since they knew you couldn't control it and that you felt terrible about it. So when Loki, Tony, Thor, and Bruce walked in and saw you curled up and shivering, they decided not to make a big deal.

   Loki sat beside you, rather close to you. Of course, that wasn't really surprising to any of the others, since everyone seemed to know that he had a huge crush on you.. Except, you, of course. Then again, it made Tony pretty pissed, being the playboy liked you thoroughly as well. So, he sat on the other side of you, giving Loki a competitive glare, a silent way of saying. 'Back the fuck off, Reindeer Games'.

   But YOU had barely even noticed either of them sitting by you, as you were to busy shaking violently and whimpering from the cold. You slowly gathered the power to lift your head, taking notice of the others before it drops back down. With a moan, you bury your face in the pillow, earning you sympathetic gazes from Loki and Tony, while Thor had to go make some preparations and Bruce returned to the lab.

   "S-s-so.... C-c-cold.." You whimper between chattering teeth. You hear Loki sigh, hardly taking notice as you are picked up. You gasp slightly, squirming into the warm of another body. You hear Loki laugh, causing you to blush twenty shades of red.

   "Better, love?" Loki purrs, gently carrying you away from a now-getting-pissy Stark with a victorious smirk. You nod into his chest, hardly noticing you were slowly being taken and being called 'love'. Not like you really minded that much, anyway. He smiles at you, but you still hardly payed attention to him, to busy basking in his warmth, causing him to chuckle softly.

   When you heard the click of a door opening and closing, you slowly pulled your head up from his chest, semi-confused now that you were back to normal warmth. You had a confused and thoughtful look on your face as you looked around that Loki could absolutely not stand. You were so.. Cute, innocent, pure.. And he loved it. It was taking the saying 'opposites attract' to a whole new level. Just as Loki's thoughts began to wander to all the things he could do to you, you snapped him out of it.

   "Mmm.. Loki? Where are we? And holy shit your warm!" You smile weakly, sheepishly. You hadn't been in his room before, so this was all new to you. He merely smirked.

   "I figured I could bring you to my chambers.. Warm you up, love.." He purred, slowly carrying you to the bed. You blinked, semi-surprised, blushing once more as you look around, looking for a topic change.

   "Wow.. So this is your room?" you ask in slight awe, since Loki had never allowed you(or anyone else) in. You were completely amazed by all the books and strange otherworldly antiques.
   "Indeed.." He sits on the bed, holding you firmly in his lap. God, was he driving you insane with embarrassment.
   "Umm.. I really should be going.." You say sheepishly, pulling free and getting up to leave before being forcefully pulled back down.
   "And why, pray tell, is that, love?" he purrs. You shudder.
   "Uh.. Because I-" You were interrupted by a knock on the door, you let out a breath of relief while Loki, on the other hand, pouted like a little boy. You couldn't help but smile at the childishness to it.

   "What is it?" Loki asked in a whiny tone, only adding to your amusement. You giggled silently but he just looked at you with confusion.

   "Brother! Is Lady (Y/N) accompanying you?" Thor's voice boomed. You opened your mouth to alert him you were in fact there but Loki put his hand over your mouth, holding you possessively.

   "Mmm.. Mayhaps, why, may I ask, do you wish to know?" Loki asked flatly, lying to perfection with ease.

   "The Man Of Iron wishes to-" Thor started, but Loki cut him wayyy short.

   "TELL STARK (Y/N) IS MINEEE!!!" Loki stated in a loud whine, possessively, nuzzling his face in your neck.

   "...Dude, Loki, I'm right here.. Wanna be more considerate? Because last I checked I'm not 'yours'." You objected with a playful pout, yet making no move to stop him from holding and cuddling you.

   "...I shall tell brother Tony you are busy.." Thor says, the sound of him walking off. Loki merely ignored it, focused on you with a mischievous smirk.

       "...If you would like, I could make you mi-"

   "OH LORD STOP THERE!!!!! Stop stop stop!!" You whine, shoving away from him. He gives you the kicked puppy look, and you sigh.

   "I only meant to ask if you wished to be my... What is it you Midgardians call it? Valentine..?" He says unsurely, the kicked puppy look remaining on his face. Oh, yup, that hurt. You mentally kicked yourself, you were just sooo nice.. You sigh.

   "Aww Loki.. I'm sorry. Of course I'll be your valentine." You soothe, sitting by him and leaning your head on his shoulder, hugging him gently and kissing his cheek. Wait.. Valentines was.. "Wait, today's valentine's day!?" You asked, shocked. You'd totally hardly noticed, not like you really usually have someone to spend it with so why bother to remember?

   "I believe so.." Loki said, furrowing his brows thoughtfully. "Why?"
   "Well, that explains all the flowers on my desk this morning.." You mutter, Loki taking on that annoyed and upset pout again.
   "What!? From who!?" he demands, but you giggle once more. You couldn't help but find how childish he could be amusing.
   "Promise you won't kill him?" You ask, swaying your legs over the bed side. Loki seems to ponder the question for a moment before nodding despite his clear disconsent. "It was Stark." Rage immediately ignited in Loki's eyes and he growls lowly.

   "YOU ARE DEAD STARK!!!" He yells, getting up and storming off, leaving you giggling on the bed.
Ehehehe I'm sooo terrible at fluff XD Sorry this didn't turn out the best.. But this is first part of my gift for the :iconloki-hiddleston: group secret cupid for :iconobsydianshepard: (sorry it's not very good, but i tried Sweating a little... ) Enjoy, darling! More shall come soon! (along with a few other gifts) And (early) Happy Valentines! <3 (also sorry, I think I messed up the tenses a few times XD)

Marvel stuff belongs to Marvel
You belong to Loki & Tony (they're gonna have to share ;P )
Plot belongs to me~

Ch1: Here
Ch2: Comin soon!
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RogueofAsgard Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Student Photographer
1. I"M SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO READ THIS! life has been crazy. 

2. I"M FLAILING AND MAKING INHUMAN NOISES!!  This is so cute and perfect and i love every word.   (and its fitting cause i don't have a car right now, and I'm riding my bike everywhere, and its really cold and all i've been wishing for is Loki to come and warm me up)  and i love it so much. 
Savmarie43 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
1. No problem! I know the feeling

2. Ehehehe~ I'm glad you like! And pt2 should be up soon,life's been crazy here as well XD
Lokisservant Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
*Giggles* This is Cool (Srsly i did this)
Savmarie43 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dawww thanks! X3 (Huh?)
Lokisservant Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lena-Beana42 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Savmarie43 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Daawwww :3 thx lol X3
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